Tired and Hungry.

I'm tired.
I'm tired of people hurting people.
I'm tired of people killing people.
I'm tired of gun violence.
I'm tired of the conversation around gun violence.
I'm tired of racism and sexism.
I'm tired of homophobia and hate.
I'm tired of Islamic Extremists.
And I'm tired of unmerited anger towards Islam.
I'm tired of war. I'm tired of bombs.
I'm tired.

I'm tired of Clinton. I'm tired of Bush.
I'm really tired of Trump.
I'm tired of an election that is still a year and a half away.
I'm tired of pundits. I'm tired of politics.
I'm tired of FoxNews. I'm tired of MSNBC.
I'm tired of pretending I'm Democrat
and I'm tired of pretending I'm Republican.
I'm tired of pretending there's a party in these politics for me.

I'm tired of the medical bills piling up on my counter.
I'm tired of the allergies in my babies' bodies.
I'm tired of worrying.
I'm tired of wondering.
I'm tired of waiting.

I'm tired of of hearing that there isn't enough.
I'm tired of feeling like I'm not enough.
I'm tired of "us" and "them."
I'm tired of "all" not really meaning "everybody."
I'm tired... really, really, tired.
Sometimes I'm even too tired to cry.

But I'm not just tired. I'm hungry too. 

I'm hungry for peace
in the world and in my own heart. 
I'm hungry for justice
according to the people and not the players.  
I'm hungry for one week, just one week,
when I can go to work without a tragedy
clouding and crowding my consciousness. 

I'm hungry for love. 
I'm hungry to hear, "I love you."
And I'm hungry to say those words more.
I'm hungry to touch and not crash.
I'm hungry for affection and not infection.

I'm hungry for something real and raw.
I'm hungry for relationships that matter. 
I'm hungry for conversation beyond the barometer and Bills. 
I'm hungry for healing for you. 
I'm hungry for hope for us.
I'm hungry for life for all.
I'm hungry. 

I'm hungry for politics that make sense. 
I'm hungry for systems that value things like... sense. 
And I'm hungry for a world that cares more about sense than cents.  

I'm hungry for a new day. 
I'm hungry for a new way.
I'm tired and I'm hungry.
And I'm curious, Lord, what do you have to say?

"Come to me all you who are tired
and I will give you rest."

"I am the bread of life,
whoever comes to me will never be hungry." 


Okay then. Let us pray...

In the Way,


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