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Running the Way

I’ve run away a lot. When I was real young my parents told me “no” all the time. So one day, I ran away and moved into the bushes next to the garage. In high school my brother and I got in a fight at youth group. Embarrassed, and confident that my pastor and parents were going to kill me, I ran away. I ended up walking the streets of Jamestown, NY all night. As my high school career came to a close, my girlfriend and I had plans to attend college together. We broke up. I ran away. I felt a call to be a pastor when I was in the fourth grade. I ran away. I felt it again in high school. I ran away. It hit me ferociously in college. I still ran away. I run away a lot. One of my favorite cartoons features Linus from Peanuts. He says, “No problem is so big or so complicated that it can’t be run away from.” Linus is right. We can run away from virtually everything. And we do. The phone rings and we hit the red dot and not the green. We cross the street to avoid our neighbor