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w o n d e r.

I wonder if that first Christmas went down the way they had all hoped.   Probably not.    Was Joseph a little  discouraged  when he learned that his fiancĂ©e was pregnant out of wedlock with God’s baby? Was Mary  conflicted  when the angel told her she’d birth the savior? I’m sure they were  tired  when they reached Bethlehem. They had to be  disappointed  when they heard there was no room at the inn. I wonder if Mary  wanted  more for her son when she laid him in the manger. I wonder if Joseph  wished  he could do more . We know that pretty much everyone was  terrified … Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, the magi, Herod and “all of Jerusalem” (mt. 2:3).     (Not to mention, we often overlook how immediately after Jesus was born, the holy family had to flee to Egypt to save his life. In the same way, we often overlook that all the baby boys whose parents didn’t take them to Egypt, lost their lives. “Holy innocents” we call them. I wonder what they’d think about that.)    That can’t be how an