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Best & Worst

To my fellow disciples who are simultaneously superheroes and their own worst enemy:  My daughter Delaney had a food allergy attack a couple of weeks ago. She snuck a cookie she knew she couldn’t have, took a few bites, and placed the rest back in the container. She then spent the next 5 hours extremely sick (really, really sick). Needless to say, the event was dramatic, scary, frustrating, depressing, and chaotic. It put us all on edge and brought out the best and worst of us.  My wife and I were at our best as we cared for our daughter. Seemingly experts by now at all-things-allergy, we responded with tact and discipline. We treated her and monitored her. As she grew sicker we cared for her, calmed her and reassured her. We also kept up with the other two kids in our house that still needed to eat, bathe, be entertained, and go to sleep.  Unfortunately, we were at our worst as the stress of this instance prompted us to throw barbs back and forth. I volleyed the first sho


Dear Everybody, I wrote a similar post a while back called "Peace." In response to our current political climate and the devastation from Hurricane Harvey, I felt compelled to share a similar message. We're calling this one: Still. You may have guessed by now: Psalm 46 is my favorite. Peace, PSDH The Psalmist writes, “The nations are in an uproar and kingdoms totter…. Waters rage and foam; mountains shake.” These ancient words seem to ring loud and true in our contemporary ears. We live in a world where nations not only rise against other nations, but also seem to be in an uproar within themselves. Kingdoms once deemed unshakable, now totter. Political systems thought to be the greatest and most just have become bastions of corruption and greed. Those in authority have been known to abuse those they are responsible for. The poor and powerless suffer at the hands of hatred, self-indulgence, and sin. Images of raging waters flood the television screen.