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Paper Airplanes

“Daddy, can you make a paper airplane?” Molly asked. “Wait… Can I?! CAN I?! Of course I can!”
I spent the next few minutes crafting and creating the greatest paper airplane ever made. I made precision folds and crimped the paper at all the right points. The nose of the plane ended in a sharp edge that would surely cut through the air. I wrote “Molly” on one wing and “Daddy” on the other. And then, I threw it.
The moment the airplane left my hand I knew it was going to be a good flight. My paper creation flew across the room with grace and poise. It flew until it couldn’t fly anymore as it crashed against the far wall. I smiled at Molly. I was pleased that the first paper airplane I made for her worked. So many of my days are filled with errs and blunders, it felt great to have a win – especially a win in front of my biggest fan.
And so, you can imagine my surprise when Molly reacted with pity and disappointment.
“It’s okay, Daddy. You can’t do everything.” “Wait… What?! WHAT?! D…