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Seething and Sunburned

When I arrived at work on Tuesday, I found the grass at church unacceptably long. In the front of church it was bad. In the back of church it was terrible. Our lawn was over a foot high. The grass had gone to seed. And because we pay people to cut it, I was annoyed. No, actually, I was angry. And so, I grabbed my phone and called our landscape crew. When they didn't answer, I sent a text: 
I need you to cut the grass. Get to St. John ASAP. When you arrive, find me. I’ll be the guy on the tractor doing your job. 
After launching my text missile, I patted myself on the back, hopped on the John Deere and started mowing. As I mowed, I seethed. I’ll show them, I thought to myself. And like a self-made martyr I carried out my task hoping my sacrifice would bring guilt-inspired change. I hope they feel terrible that I’m out here doing this! 
I expected relief to come in about an hour. They’ll get my text and rush over, I said. They didn’t. In fact, help didn’t arrive until the end of the da…