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Holy Hands

Three minutes after the Buffalo Bills lost last Sunday I found myself surrounded by a world of hostility. Texts came in from angry and disappointed friends. I too felt frustrated and annoyed. The next day in the car I listened as the hosts on sports radio and those that called in lamented with pure exasperation. No one was happy. Four days later hope resurfaced and optimism emerged. Then, they lost again. And the hostility increased. Now keep in mind this is just a football team we’re talking about. When you compile this reality with all the other actually important aspects of our lives (a world at war, police shootings, police shootings [redundancy intentional], an inane election, etc.) the result is an environment that is overflowing with discouragement, aggression, and irritation. All of which is fertile ground for anger and argument. The anger in this world is palpable and on display. We hear it on the radio. We see it on TV. We experience it in the workplace. It finds