There is nothing quite like watching things “click” for a three-year-old. 

My daughter, Molly, is in that stage of life where things are beginning to make sense. She’s starting to really understand cause and effect. She’s learning that she can build, play, create, catch, dance, and do a bunch of really awesome activities. So, I have this pretty cool front-row seat where I get to watch her discover and learn. 

I’ve watched as Molly’s favorite refrain has gone from “what?” to “watch this.” I’ve seen confusion become clarity. I’ve witnessed skeptical eyes fill with joy. I’ve heard the proud laughter of a child who’s proud of herself. I’ve seen her jaw drop. I’ve seen her eyes fill with happy tears. I’ve watched a smile slowly creep across her face in astonishment. It is so cool when life clicks, when things start to make sense.

Jesus has me thinking about that lately.

I’ve been reading the Gospel of Mark and there seems to be a ton of confusion over who Jesus is and what he is all about. At one point Jesus addresses the Pharisees saying, “Do you have eyes, and fail to see? Do you have ears, and fail to hear? … Do you not yet understand (8:18, 21)?” Throughout the gospel the disciples are continuously confused, even as they watch Jesus calm storms, raise the dead, cast out demons and walk on water. Even at the end of Mark’s gospel when the women go to the tomb and find it empty, there is no clarity. Rather, they leave afraid and distraught (16:8). 

And yet, embedded in a book filled with confusion there are moments of clarity. There are times when the characters grasp what’s really happening. A demon calls Jesus by name (5:7). Peter identifies Jesus as the Messiah (8:29). A core group of disciples are inspired by the Transfiguration (9:1-8). And at the end a Roman guard says, “Truly this man was God’s son (15:39).” There are times when it clicks. 

I don’t know about you, but the farther I get from three-years-old the less life seems to click. I’ve found more confusion, more doubt, more frustration, and more stress. However, there are still moments that seem crystal clear. 

Recently, I’ve had the privilege of walking with a dear friend through the last stage of life. When they took their last breath it didn’t seem like the end of anything at all. Rather, it really felt like the beginning of an abundant, eternal, and pain-free paradise. Life. Death. New life. Click. 

I spent three days this week “phasing” my daughter into pre-school. Her innocent and honest approach to the next chapter in her life was inspiring. She was the one beginning school, and yet, I was the student. New beginnings. Next chapter. New life. Click.  

Life can be a chaotic and confusing mess, but there are times when it clicks. They don’t happen to us as adults nearly as much as they do for three-year-olds. However, when they happen they do bring the same joy.

May your life click today.
May your eyes be filled with joyful tears.
May your hearts be opened to new realities.
May your refrain turn from “what” to “watch this.”
May your days be filled with proud laughter.
May your jaw hit the floor not from incredulity, but from clarity.
May that knowing smirk that only happens when life clicks, slowly creep from ear to ear. 

In the Way,


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